About Us

What Does RCS Do?

A group photo of River City Sticks Lacrosse coaching staff and participants after
          a clinic event at the football field at Lawrenceburg High School.

River City Sticks Lacrosse was created with the sole intent to build an awareness and excitement for the sport of lacrosse within communities in Southeastern Indiana. To accomplish this objective we have employed two-pronged approach.

We organize and operate clinics at various locations throughout the year targeted at children and young teenagers, teaching them the basics of lacrosse. These clinics are designed to be fun and engaging, while teaching participants all the foundational skills they will need to play the sport of lacrosse.

Secondly, we are going to various community schools in southeastern Indiana to offer program guidance and extra-curricular shops. We do this with the goal of gaining commitments to integrate lacrosse as a sporting alternative into existing athletic and physical eduction curriculums.

Eventually, we would like to connect the lacrosse programs at different schools to foster competition and increase excitement around the sport. We believe this is the best path to make sure lacrosse takes permanent root in these communities.

Why I Love Lacrosse

My name is David Armstrong and I have loved the sport of lacrosse since I was eighteen years old. In 1960, I attended Ball State University to play football. It was there that I was introduced to the sport of lacrosse.

I instantly fell in love with the sport, and over the course of four years, co-founded and helped build the Ball State lacrosse program. The athleticism, skill, and teamwork that was required to play the game appealed to me. It also provided a way for me to personally connect with the history and culture of the Native American tribes who invented the game hundreds of years ago.

Upon graduating I went to New York to begin a career in coaching. I became the head coach for lacrosse clubs in a number of schools and universities, including Albany State University and Colgate University. In some cases I was required to re-build programs from the ground up, but I found these experiences incredibly rewarding, nonetheless.

Though I am now retired, I still wish to pass on my excitement and passion for the sport of lacrosse to the next generation right here in Southeast Indiana. That is why River City Sticks Lacrosse exists. I want to foster a love for lacrosse in Indiana communities, and build deep roots for this sport that will last for generations to come.