Youth Clinics

Our Clinics

A lacrosse coach working with two young athletes who are learning to shoot a
          lacrosse ball into a net.

The clinics that we organize and operate are designed to introduce youths from ages 6 - 14 to the fun, challenging sport of lacrosse. To do this we use a teaching model that is engaging and that kids and teenagers are able to relate to.

We have devised a set of drills that instill the fundamentals of lacrosse through games that young and old may already know, like Tic-Tac-Toe and Hungry Hippo. Within these "games" are a variety of activities that challenge participants to be creative and encourage critical thinking. The goal is to engage kids foremost by having fun, while also teaching them all the basic skills necessary to be a well-rounded lacrosse player.

Aside from building a strong foundation for lacrosse, our clinics encourage development in useful, everyday skills, as well. Skills such as: decision making, teamwork, creativity, hustle, hard work, a feeling of satisfaction, improved self-worth, and most of all, the joy of accomplishment and success.

Next Clinic: Winter Box Lacrosse

Start & Duration: TBD, twice a week for four weeks

Location: TBD

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The Basic Skills

There are six fundamental skills that are core to playing lacrosse. Those skills are: Throwing, Catching, Scooping, Cradling, Shooting, and communication. These six skills are learned and performed both right and left handed, and reinforced throughout the clinic via games, 2 vs. 2 and 3 vs. 3 matches, and other activities.

Outside of clinics, athletes can develop these basic skill sets on their own time using the Wall Ball Drill. You will throw, catch, cradle, scoop up missed catches, and shoot at various targets all on the wall. If a smooth wall isn’t available there are a number of high quality lacrosse pitch back rebounders available from a variety of vendors. A goal and net will need to be added as the skills begin to become second nature.

Wall Ball Exercises

Clinic Requirements

Participants are accepted from the ages of 6 - 14. No experience necessary. Parent or guardian 18 or over must be present during all clinic sessions. No drop-offs. Sign-up forms must be completed and clinic fees must be paid prior to participation in first clinic session.

For the Winter Box Lacrosse Clinic participants must furnish their own helmet, mouthpiece, arm pads, and gloves. Below are some links where you may purchase equipment.

Velocity Lacrosse Koch Sporting Goods Dick's Sporting Goods