School Programs


Young clinic participants playing a Tic-Tac-Toe precision drill.

River City Sticks Lacrosse has been working since October 2019 to develop an interest in the sport of lacrosse among area schools. We are accomplishing this goal by introducing a terrific STX Ball program known as the the Soft Stick Game (SSG), which is easily adaptable to all grades: 1st - 12th.

To quickly get programs off the ground, River City Sticks will donate all equipment necessary. This includes sticks, balls, complete curriculums, and a special 1-page infographic overview of how the game is played. This can be given to each student helping them grasp the overall concept of this modified game of lacrosse.

The curriculum sets goals, breaks down daily workouts and provides for on-going individual evaluation. The game is adaptable for indoor as well as outdoor play. The schools invest in goals and shoot and scoops that are used both indoors and outdoors.

Skills Development

Our curriculum is designed to teach the basic skills of lacrosse: throw, catch, scoop, cradle, shoot, and communication. These skills are then used in the fast-paced game. There is no body or stick contact, the game is one of precision passing, teamwork, and speed. Soft Stick Lacrosse is a great way to keep your basic skills sharp and will teach you all the fundamentals to be a lacrosse player!

Lesson Plan Example Infographic Overview Sample Presentation Conditioning Program

Scholastic Partners

We are proud to have the opportunity to work with several community schools in Southeast Indiana to integrate lacrosse as part of their physical education curriculums. Our current partners include: South Dearborn Middle School & High School, Lawrenceburg High School, and Rising Sun High School.

Point of Contact

Coach David Armstrong works with physical education staffs when necessary, helping coaches get up to speed on their stick work skills. Teaching this simple method of play is fun and very rewarding for teacher and student alike. River City Sticks is also available for individual or small group instruction. These programs are open to all who are interested, though reservations are necessary.

You can contact me via Email or call 513.313.1078.