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River City Sticks gray t-shirt with logo on the right breast.

RCS T-Shirt




Our T-shirt is made from high-quality poly-blend material, and is machine washable. This shirt comes in gray with the River City Sticks Lacrosse Club logo in black across the chest on the left side,

River City Sticks Lacrosse gray baseball cap with logo on the front.

RCS Ball Cap



This handsome baseball cap is a low profile design featuring a one-size-fits-all velcro strap. It is well made from high quality, durable materials. The ball cap is gray and features the River City Sticks Lacrosse Club logo in black prominently on the front.

Boys and girls versions of the lacrosse stick and ball starter bundle featuring both a low-bounce
          ball and regulation lacrosse ball.

Boys or Girls Lacrosse Stick & Ball Bundle


*Only available for purchase at clinic events.


Would you like to take your interest in lacrosse to the next level? Do you want to practice your skills at home? We offer these quality starter bundles for both boys and girls. Each bundle includes a lacrosse stick, and both a low-bounce ball and a regulation lacrosse ball.